Kingspoint Club Boat Storage

2018 Boat Storage Information and Lottery Registration

The Boat Storage Lottery will be held May 28, 2018 at the Kingspoint Memorial Day Picnic.

Please note: There is NO MONEY REQUIRED to register for the lottery. Everyone is initially on the WAIT LIST. Fees will be collected if you win a spot in the lottery.

The Kingspoint Club offers boat storage at the College Creek Boat Landing for Kingspoint Club resident members only. There are storage racks that can accommodate canoes, kayaks, or paddleboards. Since the demand for these spots is high, we will conduct a lottery each year to assign slots. This year the lottery drawing will be done at the Memorial Day Picnic and names will be drawn randomly. Stickers will be issued to all lottery winners. All boats stored at the boat storage facility must have a current year sticker displayed or they will be removed. Because there are only 6 months left in 2018 for boat storage, the costs has been reduced to $50 per space. In future years, the cost for boat storage will be $100 for the full year.


  • 5/6 Lottery Opens (no payment due to enter)
  • 5/25 Lottery Closes
  • 5/28 Live Drawing at Memorial Day Picnic (you do not need to be present to win) Winners will be posted on this day. Stickers can be picked up/paid for at the picnic or will be mailed after payment is received.
  • 6/4 Deadline for all spots to be paid.

Lottery Rules:

  1. The lottery is open to all Kingspoint Club resident members in good standing (non-resident members are not eligible for this benefit). If you are not current on your dues payments, you will not be able to enter the lottery.
  2. Please complete the lottery form and return to Dave Stanhope or Sarah Huber by May 25. No money is required to register; however, payment is due by the date above or your spot will go to the next person on the list.
  3. Only one registration per household is permitted. On the lottery form you may request a second spot space in the event that not all spots are filled at the time of the lottery.
  4. The registrant must be the owner of the boat – no registering for neighbors or friends is permitted.
  5. Entries must include the requested description details and are limited to ONE canoe and TWO kayaks / paddleboards per spot.
  6. Violation of any of the above rules will result in disqualification for the 2019 Boat Lottery.

Canoe/Kayak/Paddleboard Storage Rack REGULATIONS:

  • Limited to one lottery entry per household. This will be strictly enforced. Multiple entries in the lottery for the same household will be removed.
  • You may store ONE canoe or TWO kayaks / paddleboards per spot. For the safety of everyone, the limit is two watercrafts per spot.
  • Stickers will be distributed upon receipt of your payment.
  • Specific spot assignments will be given and must be adhered to. For those residents who require easy access to their boat due to special needs or age limitations, the lower rack slots are reserved and will be awarded to those lottery winners with such needs.
  • The Kingspoint Club reserves the right to remove a boat from the rack if:
    • Boats are stored in the incorrect spot on the rack.
    • Boats are stored in an unsafe manner.
    • Boats do not have a current permit sticker affixed.
    • Boats are not owned by the Kingspoint Club member who is assigned the spot.
  • Residents are responsible for securing their boats. The Kingspoint Club is not responsible for lost or stolen property.

Questions? Contact Dave Stanhope, Director of Facilities, at